Super fast behavior management

Motivate and reward your students

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Award acheivements and behaviors in two easy clicks

Involve parents

Unusually powerful behavior reports

Easy to use

Class Charts in super simple to use and it works on laptops, iPads or any other internet enabled device. Just click on a student and then choose an achievement or behavior type. Everything is instant and behind the simple to use interface is a powerful set of analysis tools for the school management team.

Motivate and engage

We all know children love to be praised and rewarded for what they do and Class Charts make it easy to instantly award and record achievements in the classroom.

It's not about the negatives!

We know some schools don't like the idea of negative behavior points which is why we provide an option to turn these off and allow teachers to just award positive points to their students. Full behavior management or positive rewards – the choice is yours.

Teachers love Class Charts!

We have been getting some great feedback since launch - Class Charts is having a positive impact in classrooms all around the world.

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Track achievement & behavior

School leaders get a really clear overview of what is happening in their school; who they need to heap praise on and the behavior concerns they need to address. The individual student progress reports are a fantastic discussion tool for parent evenings.

Connects with PowerSchool, Skyward, Infinite Campus & more

Keep parents informed

Class Charts makes it easy for parents to get instant access to their child's progress report and ensures that they are up to date with their child’s achievements in school.

There is so much more to explore in Class Charts!

  • Parent & student accounts
  • Behavior analytics
  • Intelligence events
  • Detention management
  • Reward store
  • Seating plans
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