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Motivate & reward your pupils, build a positive classroom culture.

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Seating plans in seconds & super fast behaviour management.

Seating plans in seconds & super fast behaviour management

  • Gorgeous seating plans for SIMS, etc.
  • Important information at your fingertips
  • Super fast behaviour management
  • Unusually powerful analytics
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Award merits and behaviours in two easy clicks!
Always be aware of key information about students!
Unusually powerful behaviour reports!

Seating for learning

Where a pupil sits and who they sit with really makes a difference in a classroom. With Class Charts you can automatically make seating plans & groups for learning, you can even optimise them for behaviour! Seating plans for SIMS etc are now super easy.

Improve student behaviour

Pupil behaviour is one of the biggest barriers to effective teaching & learning. Class Charts is behaviour management software that you can use to improve behaviour and recognise achievement, you can even involve colleagues, parents & the students themselves.

Personalise teaching & learning

Knowing your pupils is the first step towards differentiation in your classroom, add key student data to the seating plans so that you are immediately aware of pupils' abilities, targets & needs.

Improve grades

The latest research into seating plans shows that they make teachers 2x more effective and double the test scores for lower ability pupils. Wow... such a simple strategy has a huge impact!

How it is used

Seating for learning

Where a pupil sits, and who they sit with, has a huge impact on teaching and learning. With Class Charts you can automatically create seating plans based on pupils' abilities and needs. You can even use our artificial intelligence engine to suggest seating plans that will improve behaviour in your classroom.

Behaviour management software

Class Charts streamlines the monitoring of pupil achievement and behaviour and can be fully customised to match your school's existing policy. Everything is done in just a couple of clicks and the results can be shared with colleagues, pupils and parents.

Reward progress and achievement

It's not about the negatives! Research shows that teachers should be praising pupils at least 5x more than criticising. Recognise achievement and share this with pupils and parents in real time.

Develop pupil characteristics

School is not just about grades! Class Charts helps promote positive character traits and encourages pupils in the right direction.

Track soft skills

Soft skills are super important to employers! You can customise Class Charts to track soft skills, gaining a clear picture of what pupils are doing well and what they need to develop to equip themselves with the right skills for their first job.

Teachers love Class Charts!

We have been getting some great feedback since launch - Class Charts is having a positive impact in classrooms all around the world.

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Whole School version

Our Whole School version is world class seating plan and behaviour management software. We link up with SIMS, Integris, CMIS & other school information system and provide some great whole school features. There is a cost but we won't break the bank!

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