A Positive Approach to Behavior Management and Instant Seating Charts

Improve student behavior with our fast and effective behavior management. Save teachers time and reduce work load with our AI driven seating charts.

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Outstanding classroom management

Student and Parent Engagement

Sharing information with parents & students is quick and easy with our iOS and Android Apps.'

Fast behavior management

Our behavior management is driven by Artificial Intelligence so you can effectively and consistently track behaviors for students in two easy clicks.

Beautiful behavior analytics

Customizable reports can be created for administrators and teachers in an instant.

Connects with PowerSchool, Skyward, Infinite Campus and more

Easy for teachers, Powerful for leadership teams

Class Charts has been designed by a teacher with 16 years of experience in the classroom. We know how important it is that software is simple and easy to use for your teaching team and understand the need for leadership teams to have a powerful reporting engine which gives them the information they need in seconds.


Recommendation rate

98% of teachers using the system would recommend us to a colleague.


increase in positive points

Class Charts is so easy to use that we see an increase in achievement points of over 400% once a school comes on board.


Reduced classroom interruption

Speak to us about how we can reduce classroom disruption!

58 hours

per year saved by leadership teams

Through reduced classroom interruption and our easy to make seating charts.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Everyone needs a unique selling point and ours is that we are the only people who can actually identify how students influence each other in the classroom. Teachers will love how our AI engine automatically suggests seating charts optimized for learning and behavior.

Why do so many schools use Class Charts?

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